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While sitting, place your hands under your bottom on your sitz or “sitting” bones. You are simply sitting on your hands. Your right hand is under the right sitz bone, and your left hand is under the left sitz bone. You are ‘jumper-cabeling’ your SEL’s 25’s.

It helps to sit in a cushy chair so there is no discomfort with crushed knuckles. It is ok to move slightly toward the back of the knees and off your sitz bones if that is more comfortable for you. Hang out here for 3-5 minutes watching TV, or looking at a mountain, until you feel a pulsation or swirling sensation emanating from under your fingertips. You may feel a slight “pick me up” in energy, as Mary Burmeister (the one responsible for bringing JSJ from Japan to the West), would refer to this self-help tool as the “Gentle Jogger”. It imitates the energizing feeling of having just gone on a gentle jog around the park, without the exercise. I would share this Self-Help Tool with my Middle School and High School students when they were in class after lunchtime and feeling sleepy.

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